I 'd like to share something that happened to me recently, yet I can not believe gonzomovies it happened, but while I really enjoyed it and had never done anything like this before, and never, I think. I grabbed my husband how to work as planned then went to my mother's house to deliver a package while waiting out the day, I wore a gray crewneck sweater with no bra , brown corduroy trousers and black trainers I looked so easy. I came right out and after the shortest of the " hellos " and " Goodbye " I closed the door behind him and desperate to go to the bathroom, turned around and headed gonzomovies for the stairs. I started, I unpack, when up the stairs and he and my underwear down, while I sat on the toilet, I have what the toilet paper roll to the left and up, changed the role of old fall away. As I clip from the new place, to my surprise, the door opens and a guy goes to a gonzomovies few meters. She stayed in her tRacks for me. I know the guy, he's a gonzomovies friend of one of my brothers who was in the army, which would be a strange night, but I can not call him, but he is fit and well to my horror, I know I'm with my cable and panties and my pussy is in the eye, I feel my face reddening of the place, as I scanned from top to bottom and makes a point of studying freeze my pussy, looks into her eyes and smiles ashamed of myself . do not know what to do or say, how we relate to each other looking for, finally takes a few steps toward gonzomovies me and looked into his eyes, smiles and slides his right hand between my legs into my pussy, I was stunned only part of my thigh a little as his fingers through his hair, and he feels my lips. He slides a finger to his lips easily separated, touches me for a moment. I'm going with the flow, as he kneels in front of me and takes me to the edge of the toilet seat, pushed me gonzomovies back to my feet and legs apart buriedThe face between the legs of my joy. his tongue I feel my spine, then open my lips, licked his thumb relaxed, he slipped his tongue inside me and lick and suck my soft flesh sending a tingling throughout my body and I to absorb quickly. I relax against the tank had to think very naughty but very nice as it is to drive with two fingers towards me and lick and suck my pussy is hot right now. I moan and groan, as he rushed me to a climax, I think the juice drips out of me, and silence their fingers to feel around my hole, wrapped his arms under and around spread to my thighs. He keeps licking my hole and sucked my clit through my body sends electrical Also, try to tighten the legs closed, but keeps its grip on me, a lot of movement and moan and groan with pleasure that gives me two more times. reluctantly push to be happy with it, had a hand unexpected but fantastic, I will smile when he started undoing his pants. I see it everywaiting time and now I want that drag me down and fuck me senseless as revealed in his pants and underwear down his cock pushing hard, but he sits in a small box that is used for towels, saying, ' I suck "now". I am and chains to pull my pants and without them, I went to him to decide his gonzomovies hard cock, I would try, then just swallow, lick me. I kneel to admire his big cock, I stop and start to draw my hand back and forth to put him to work throughout its length, which cup the balls with his left hand and slowly lead him to masturbate. moans softly as they begin to filter through the end of its tail, then it can be overcome with pleasure as I slowly slowly circling his cock in my mouth with the tip of my tongue licking every inch of his cock in front of my in his mouth again, complains as she pushed my mouth back and forth across the length of your penis to increase my speed until I bobbing up and down and moaning. I tease him again to stop and start the process. to my surprise, the door opens and a second child enters the room and is surprised at us pause and look at it, I do not know, I feel shame in the face again, gonzomovies but pushes tail their first child and says, "Only my partner, I suck," said I suck. I can not hear what the kids say, in my mind, to suck, but it passes the second child for a few minutes, then kneels behind me, his right hand moves between my legs and my legs as he rubbing on my pussy, then the left starts pulling my pants, I lose concentration for a moment, as he pulls his pants and panties down and put his fingers in my wet pussy now. Sink your fingers around my hole, and soon found my tits with the other hand pulls and holds press still puts his finger on me, I like suck. After a few minutes I got my ass rubbing sympathy behindhis hard cock against my lips hesitated to support the guys penis for the first time in my mouth, quickly made a second guys cock with my right hand and happily excited guide his cock between my lips moist, releasing him and pushed to the bottom he complains to me and I start pumping at a constant rate, which was another thing with the other person in me while I sucked the first guy. was great, a big cock in my mouth and my pussy. I'm not sucking gonzomovies your health I focus make up the ass, gonzomovies which was both finish my pussy is wet, I leave things for a minute, then decides to stop following and sharing, I go to and I take the second child in my mouth, tasting my own juices on it with my pussy for the first, the ram thick, rock hard cock into me and start my damn hard my hips called me dirty names to me even more. do it takes a good pounding from gonzomovies behind I think the buttocks of children suck and I'm digging my nails into him, Ito come and lick his cock from my mouth like a sip and fast, his cock slide down my throat, and complains of a sudden, gonzomovies he grabs the back of my head and I have no choice but to swallow, because in my mouth and shoots him in the throat, at the same time, I took the boys spray their pungent and other things like a garden hose to my pussy, which fits me cum feel the dirt, gonzomovies I'm feeling completely thrilled them to anticipate their balls in her mouth and pussy at the same time. I had never before jizzed. Both guys take their penises limp on me, I'm on your heels and watch the two guys who do it themselves, with mucus running down my cheeks and my pussy dripping and hang out with me on the floor, I I'm smiling the two boys, I like a bitch, but it was also very good, makes me smile from my throbbing wet pussy sticky again I say it could take another mouth pussy and later when I thought again, and told me to be a rock laying-on of them, then they made ??their excuses, and I stopped cleaning and think about what I wanted to use. when the delivery was, I rushed home with a blouse and knee length skirt with no underwear, I have my hair back to my mom busy. It was late afternoon, Nick, (first man ), had returned from the expenses of the city, if he sits on the top step with her legs spread so I smiled at my pussy, he smiled at me down the stairs to my fingers started and grabbed my breasts, suddenly leaned always a good look over the rail line with straight skirt, I was pumping like crazy and I felt more jets of his sperm for me, when my mother came home. She seemed to have no idea, thank God, damn it, but did not stay long, I had to apologize to the series. I went home for the second time that day with a sore pussy, cum soaked and well used but I was very happy.
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